How To Post a New Service


How to Post a New Service

Who Should Read This Article

This article outlines the steps for posting a new service on™. This article is intended for Freelancers and/or Service Providers who are selling a service on™. If you are looking to hire a™ freelancer for a service or post a new Job Request, refer to the article titled ‘How to Post a Job Request’. Posting a job request is an easy method to have professionals respond to jobs directly.

How to Post a New Service

1.      Login or Register

Make sure you are logged-in to™. You can create a new username and password, or login using your Google™ account.


2.     Post New

Click on the drop-down menu in the top-right corner next to your username, click Jobs, then click Post New.


3.     Job Entry

Now you are on the new job entry form. Make sure you enter a title that best fits the service you are offering. Some examples are listed to the right. From this page you will enter basic information about your service

–   Price
–   Category and Sub-Category
–  Full Description

When complete, click the ‘Buyer Information’ button at the bottom.

Job Title Examples:

  • I will Develop a Professional Website for Your Business.
  • I will Provide Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Audience
  • Professional Business Consulting
  • Expert Graphic Design for Your Logo
4.     Instructions

Add any special instructions for the buyer (i.e., Any information they need to provide for you to initiate the job, special instructions, or other information the buyer needs to be aware of).

Complete all remaining fields.

  • Max days to deliver service
  • Does the service require shipping?
  • Is there an option to meet?

If you are local to your buyers and would like to request a meeting option, you can move the slider to enable that option.

5.     Media

Upload the images or a link to a video describing your service. This is an important step as this is what the buyers will see on the service pages when selecting a service.

Download example Ad Image



For more information on this step please use the image example file as an example (download). Paste this image into your application (i.e., Microsoft PowerPoint or other design application) to understand the size and dimensions.

6.     What if you have more than one version of your service?

You can select ‘Extra’ to add additional service versions to your page. You might offer more hours, services, or options for an additional price.





Many sellers use this option to offer 2 or 3 levels or packages of their service. Each level offers more services, time, or features.

  • Standard Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package


September 8, 2020